Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cool Faces

DeNiro...the 'you talkin to me' pose started early!

Madonna...way back when she was a virgin

No mistaking Freddie boy!

Tom Cruise, once a geek, always a geek!

Michael Jackson wasn't always Wacko. He used to be black as well!

Miss Monroe, born beautiful, died beautiful

Marilyn Manson wasn't always scary..although that fringe is!

Kurt Cobain before heroin robbed us of a legend
Katie Holmes, cute

Kate Moss posing from an early age.

John Lennon...beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...beautiful boy

Jennifer Lopez...a little darling then and now!

Janet Jackson before plastic came into her life

Drew Barrymore hasn't change one bit!

Courtney Love...young and innocent!

Brad Pitt, I was hoping for an ugly baby picture but no!

Bjork...she was just born to be different

Arnie...before Steroids

Angelina Jolie...not sure how old she is in this picture so I won't comment!

Dicaprio...another who was born beautiful

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