Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kanye West: Excited to Knock Up Kim Kardashian!

Look out, universe. There may soon be a pair of new Kardashians running around.
Following reports that say Khloe Kardashian is undergoing fertility treatments, a source tells Us Weekly that Kanye West is pushing to have a baby with Kim Kardashian.
Kanye says he can't wait to see her carrying his child," the tabloid insider claims. "He says she will look beautiful pregnant."
Kim is still married to Kris Humphries, of course, but marriage talk continues to circulate around the new couple. Might Kardashian and West really elope? Yes, this mole says.
"They're seriously talking marriage… They are the real deal. I've never seen her like this."
Really? Wearing low-cut tops, making a point to hold hands in front of the paparazzi and including a boyfriend on her reality show? You've gotta get out more, anonymous confidant. We see her like this every month.

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